• The EHS ISRAEL NGO is based in Israel and was established at 2016 by Electromagnetic Hypersensitive people from Israel.
  • The NGO # is 580630150, it's full hebrew name is רגישות לקרינה ישראל, translated to English as EHS Israel.
  • The NGO gives general support to EHS people In Israel, push and contributes to the recognition of EHS as a medical condition and functional disability, present the subject of EHS to the Israeli public, to the government, to the media, to firms and companies.
  • The NGO will devote time and effort to the establishment of EMF-free safe homes and living areas, to the promotion of new scientific studies and conventions.
  • In addition the NGO will devote time and effort to the recognition of the possible long term health effects of exposure to non-ionizing radiation, to promote the use of safe technologies-equipment and infrastructure (low EMF), to the reduction of publics' exposure to EMF

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